August 27, 2015

Lanchester Register

L_Reg_Header_cropThe Lanchester Register was founded in 1958 by Alen Warner and the late Francis Hutton-Stott.

The objective was to compile a register of all the surviving cars built between 1895 and 1931, the Birmingham-built cars, built before the take-over by the BSA company, owners of Daimler.
The Register was also to provide contact between the owners of these cars and to provide an exchange of help and parts to keep the cars in good condition and used regularly. Despite its good aims, it later fizzled out. It was revived in 1983 by Chris Clark and has continued annually, keeping to the original aims.

You can still contact Chris Clark, the Registrar, with your comments and ideas.
LRR 1895 small
One annual touring event is organised each year and owners from all parts of the United Kingdom and from overseas attend to enjoy THE LANCHESTER REGISTER RALLY.
2012 LRR - milson 3 small
This takes place in a different part of the country each year, to keep on a fair and even basis, with an owner providing local knowledge for good driving and sight-seeing.

Not just a forum for technical information swopping, the Rally is designed to be a family-orientated, social affair and, indeed, many use the event as the family’s summer holiday.

Although cars are sometimes brought on trailers, most Lanchesters are driven to and from the Rally, from all parts of the UK and abroad.
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THE LANCHESTER REGISTER SHIELD was first donated by the late, great, Lanchester enthusiast, Tim Matthews. First presented by Mrs. George Lanchester, it is awarded annually to the best Lanchester at the Rally, for whatever justified reason, and voted on in true democratic fashion by all those attending.

Coercion and bribery are not usually allowed!


LRR 08 - David W2 smallThe Shield, and the honour, stay with the winner until the following year.

The annual Lanchester Register Rallies are now in their 35th year, with each being held in a different location and each offering different attractions.

The most recent rallies have provided glorious memories in Somerset, North Wales, Derbyshire, Hampshire and Dorset. For the 2018 Lanchester Register Rally we will be touring the previously unexplored county of south Gloucestershire. Can’t wait!