The Lanchester Legacy – Volume 2


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While this work may appear on bookshelves alongside other car histories, there are many reasons to read the text that reach far beyond an interest in the marque itself. Within a most comprehensive collection of facts about design principles and engineering specifications there lies a fascinating human story built around the lives of the three remarkable Lanchester brothers. Surviving documents and first-hand recollections from the Lanchester family and from those who worked within the factories transport the reader to the era when Coventry spawned and nurtured the famous names of the British Motor Industry; names amongst which Lanchester stood perhaps most proudly.

First-hand accounts of developments by the people who shaped the company’s future do more than capture the emotions they felt at the time: the reader becomes immersed, so that the pride, the disappointments and the sense of betrayal are shared as the story unfolds with surprising twists inexorably towards the company’s disappointing collapse into the arms of a competitor.

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After many years of diligent research, Volume II brings the Lanchester story bang up to date.

The book covers the period from 1931 to 1956 and gives all information regarding the Lanchester cars and the Lanchester brothers. It is of A4-size and comprises 316 pages set in 30 chapters. Its comprehensive index also highlights the near-400 high-quality pictures, of which 60% are in colour.

The astonishing legacy of the brothers’ work is explored in rich depth, and the book includes the recollections of many ex-employees at the Lanchester factories alongside details of plans and management techniques and, of course, stories about the Royal Lanchesters.

Most of all, the work highlights the the fact that the Lanchesters have not just provided us with glorious history, their work is still relevant and thriving in both today’s and tomorrow’s worlds; the Legacy of Lanchester lives on.

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15 reviews for The Lanchester Legacy – Volume 2

  1. Gerard Wilson, Motoring Author (verified owner)

    Finally the Lanchester Fourteen gets a detailed and well written appreciation – the last Lanchester to be built in volume.

  2. Ian Pogson, Motor enthusiast (verified owner)

    Beeyoutiful, thank you!

  3. Robert Norton (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the book, and having read it I have started reading volume 1 again.

  4. Marion Goldsmith (verified owner)

    Just a word to say that Tom’s Dad, an ex-Lanchester employee, was delighted with the book – hope to be back for another volume.

  5. Trevor Johnsson, owner of Lanchester 18hp (verified owner)

    I must congratulate you on such a well-researched and beautiful book.

  6. Trevor Erskine, Daimler, Lanchester and Carbodies ex-employee (verified owner)

    What a revelation! This is a captivating read for both its historical and technical accuracy and I recommend it.

  7. John Beringer, owner of Lanchester Ten and 21hp (verified owner)

    Excellent book. You should be very pleased with the result and I am delighted to have it and complete the history of Lanchester cars.

  8. Peter Cook, BSA cars expert (verified owner)

    I am impressed by the detail and useful information in this excellent book. I am intrigued by the section on supercharging.

  9. Geoff Douglas, Dauphin & Empress expert (verified owner)

    Warm congratulations to you for bringing Volume Two to a successful conclusion. Thank you for your dedication and hard work to create such magnificent books.

  10. Dennis Mynard, Author & DLOC Registrar (verified owner)

    The author needs to be congratulated for his research and for seeing it through to publication. Every aspect of Lanchester history and the various models is described in a clear, easy to read, flowing text.

  11. Alan Wheatley, DLOC Registrar (verified owner)

    I have to say that the sheer quality of this book is truly outstanding.

  12. Adrian Hanwell, LD10 Registrar (verified owner)

    I am flabbergasted at the amount of accurate research which Chris has undertaken to research these chapters. What is amazing is that he has found information which I thought had been long since lost and has assembled it in a very readable way. What more can I say? I am VERY impressed.

  13. John Ridley, DLOC Vice-President (verified owner)

    What a work of art this is. You must have spent years on it and all that effort really pays off.

  14. Brian Smith, Author of Daimler Days (verified owner)

    Really excellent stuff. Very well researched and succinctly expressed in a readable way. Thanks!

  15. Duncan Saunders, Patron DLOC (verified owner)

    Chris Clark, gives us a well illustrated account of how and why The Lanchester Motor Company evolved after their absorption by the BSA Company in 1931. All aspects of why this had to happen are put into clear focus.

    Each chapter of the volume is devoted to a single aspect, whether it be the development of a particular model of Lanchester, where the development fitted into pre and post war times, the relationship with Royalty and the pertinent details of the lives of the Lanchester brothers. All chapters are profusely illustrated and with many previously unseen photographs.

    Volume Two of The Lanchester Legacy gives a real insight into the little understood world of Lanchester Motor Cars and I thoroughly recommend it as a truly definitive source of information; Chris is to be congratulated for giving me the opportunity to learn so much more.

    [Duncan’s full review is published in the December 2016 issue of the DLOC Magazine]

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