September 17, 2015

Lanchester Trust

The Lanchester Trust is a focal point for anything to do with Lanchester. The charitable organisation was formed by three Lanchester enthusiasts, now Trustees: Chris Clark, Eric Baptiste and Malcolm Whitehouse. All are aware of the abundance of talent possessed by the Lanchester brothers: Dr.Frederick, George and Frank and it is because of their desire to enlighten the public that The Lanchester Trust was created in March 2010.
Centenary Rally
The stated aim of the Trust is to celebrate the work of the Lanchester brothers, not just of Lanchester cars (which were profound) but across the whole spectrum of their activity, from aeronautics to colour photography, from boats and ships to poetry, from manufacturing methods to strategic warfare, from musical instruments to opthalmy, the list is seemingly endless.

The Trust is also providing funds for Lanchester bursaries to encourage Masters students to study Lanchester aeronautics, so that his theories of flight can be better established.

On the motor car front, the annual Lanchester Trust Car Restoration Award is open to anybody owning any Lanchester car of any age. It was first given in 2012 for the restoration of the 1932 Lanchester 10hp Abbott-bodied tourer, later for a 1926 40hp opening-roof cabriolet. The winner receives an engraved brass plaque for affixing to the car’s dashboard plus £50 cash to help with the car’s ongoing maintenance.

One way of keeping the great name of Lanchester in the public eye is to create more commemorative wall plaques. Sites under consideration include the house in Olton from where the Lanchester brothers flew their experimental gliders, or in London at Frederick’s home for many years.

FWL+Glider in 1893

Other initiatives are being proposed; the Trust’s website gives more information of the various projects in need of support.

However, these exciting ventures require funding from industry and individuals alike; charitable Gift Aid being available to donors. It is indeed wonderful that contributions are being continuously received, some large and some small. Indeed, small donations soon mount up if many supporters take part. It is sincerely hoped then that you, your friends and your business colleagues will be able to donate to this worthy cause and join these existing sponsors of The Trust. For those wishing to donate a minimum of £50 (the highest donation so far was £2,500), there is the added bonus of becoming a life-long Member, receiving Newsletters, attending future events and just feeling good about yourself!

Please consider bequeathing money or goods to The Lanchester Trust upon your death. Your legacy will be wisely spent helping others and raising awareness of the incredible Lanchester brothers.

The Trustees are unpaid volunteers and they thank you in anticipation of your much-needed support. They would be delighted to hear of your ideas for the future development of The Lanchester Trust at

Chris Clark, Malcolm Whitehouse and Eric Baptiste – Trustees.
The Lanchester Trust