April 4, 2017

Lanchester, Daimler & BSA Rally 2nd & 3rd June 2018

A Fantastic Family Day of Fascination and Fun

We had a great Lanchester, Daimler & BSA Rally Weekend at Coventry University’s Lanchester Library last year, celebrating the first Open Days of the Lanchester Interactive Archive. Lanchester on DisplaySuch was the support that we have decided to do it again — but even better this time! So JOIN US on Saturday 2nd and/or Sunday 3rd June 2018 for a great weekend.

A host of various Lanchester cars, together with BSA and Daimler cars of all shapes and sizes will be exhibited by their proud owners adjacent to the Frederick Lanchester Library. Food will be readily available, and perhaps the highlights of the weekend could be the family visits to the University Library. Inside you’ll find the wonderfully innovative Lanchester Interactive Archive. There is so much to enjoy in this celebration of the lives of Frederick Lanchester and his brothers, Frank and George. Whatever your age, you’re sure to love the artifacts and interactive exhibits on display. You can find more information on the Interactive Archive page.

It’s a Breathtaking Display of Historical Cars

Heart of the Rally ExhibitionThere’s so much to see outside in the lovely area designated as the car parking area for the weekend, Postcode CV1 5DD. We feature all of the cars parked at different angles. The location is the perfect setting for a grand display of Lanchester cars, which last year were built from 1901 up to 1953. A diverse selection of Daimler and BSA cars will provide wonderful support. In all, we expect more than 30 outstanding cars. Of course, food and drinks are readily available within this great family atmosphere.

Coventry Motofest

Our Rally will be enhanced by the sights and sounds of nearby vintage and classic vehicles being put through their paces on Coventry’s ring road, Simply Magnificent Rally Entrantas this is also the weekend of acclaimed ‘Coventry Motofest’. Leave your precious car with the others while you walk over to see the racers nearing the City centre. Motorcycles, lorries, buses, stock cars, and military vehicles will drive around the elevated ring road, sections of which are closed to other traffic for the event. Down below, cars of all makes and ages will be mixed in amongst the open shops and cafes. You’ll have choices of live music, films, stalls and more all around you.

This event is open to Lanchester, Daimler and BSA vehicles of all ages, shapes and sizes. Will you join us and share in the fun, along with the many Motofest fans coming over to see the fuss we are creating? Just let us know your name and model of car via the Contact Page.