April 4, 2017

Lanchester Rally 3rd & 4th June 2017

Your invitation to a unique Lanchester, Daimler & BSA Rally.

Here’s something for your Diary: You are invited to bring your cars to Coventry on one or both days of Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June. The venue is the city’s University, while the reason is to celebrate its first Open Days of the Lanchester Interactive Archive, where there will be so much for you to see and do.

Adjacent to the Frederick Lanchester Library will be a host of various Lanchester cars, together with BSA and Daimler cars of all shapes and ages. It is planned to provide entertainment outside as well, with food also available. Owners and families shouldn’t miss a visit to the Library, featuring the newly-finished and innovative Lanchester Interactive Archive exhibition laid out for your enjoyment. Celebrating Frederick Lanchester’s life, along with that of his brothers, Frank and George, there is so much to enjoy.

The first thing to surprise you at the LIA will be the 1933 Lanchester car prominently displayed; how did it squeeze in through that single door? It’s there for the family to sit in, work the switches and be photographed.

From the old then to the new… and it doesn’t get much newer. Multiple, large computer screens are there to bring alive Lanchester’s designs and inventions. Play the educational Lanchester games: flying round Fred’s workshop, or driving either a 1902 or a 1932 car over an obstacle course, or designing your own Lanchester car, or many other challenges. These are all at different levels to cater for everyone from 5 to 95-years-old.

Elsewhere, see the Lanchester car seem to zoom out of the screen to drive up the Crystal Palace steps, or the Lanchester racer lap Brooklands, and much more. You do it … you hold aloft the steering wheel with its in-built computer to help you delve into the formidable Lanchester archives… interactive this surely is.

The Lanchester time-line spreads along one wall, while the picture gallery takes you on a visual journey through the ages. The exhibition houses tens of thousands of Lanchester documents and books to home in on, although this serious research may be more suitable for a quieter day.

When outside again, you hear and see vintage and classic vehicles being put through their paces, as it’s also the weekend of the ‘Coventry Motofest’. Leave your cars on display at the Library and see the motorcycles, lorries, buses, stock cars, and military vehicles driving the elevated ring road, sections of which will be taken over for the weekend’s action. Down below, cars of all makes and ages will be mixed in amongst the open shops and cafes, where there will also be live music, films, stalls and more.

Before you head back to the Lanchester Library, why not visit the nearby Cathedral, or the Transport Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of British road transport?

So if you fancy this totally-free weekend (or just for one day) of Coventry fun and interest, book in any Lanchester, Daimler and BSA in any condition whatsoever (room for trailers) for the LIA Open Days to ensure your place is reserved for you. You can get register using the simple form below or, if no computer, phone 01531 890204 to book in your car, asap.

You will be made most welcome at this special event and we look forward to seeing you.