August 27, 2015


The Daimler & Lanchester Owners’ Club.


The DLOC was formed in 1964 and caters for all Lanchester, Daimler and BSA vehicles.

A registrar is available for each model type and can be contacted for help and advice.

All Lanchester cars are valued at DLOC rallies, partly because they are not so numerous as their Daimler counterparts.


With nearly 2,000 members worldwide, the DLOC provides valuable information on technical detail, spares availability, social activities etc. An outstanding, full-colour magazine of some 32 A4-size pages is sent to members monthly and includes ‘For Sale’and ‘Wanted’ columns.


The Membership Secretary can be contacted by telephone on 023 8076 6372, or by email on


The DLOC has its own International Rally each year. In 2017, Surrey was the chosen county, with a visit to Brooklands and Redhill Aerodrome highlighting the event. This year’s Rally will be held in the Netherlands from 7th June through to Sunday 10th June, where the location will be on the quay below the famous Arnhem bridge (see


The DLOC incorporates The Lanchester Register, which caters only for Lanchesters made between 1895 and 1931 inclusive. From 1964, The Lanchester Register has remained a separate entity within the DLOC.