January 18, 2021

About the Author – a life with Lanchesters

Purchasing books is a very individual and personal choice. To give readers confidence in the quality of his work, the following highlights regarding the author of three Lanchester Legacy volumes may be of interest:-

Chris Clark bought two scrap Lanchester cars while still at school, using one in particular as everyday transport for years. Since then Chris has owned dozens of Lanchester cars of nearly all models, ranging from 1907 to 1953.

He joined the Daimler & Lanchester Owners’ Club in 1967. He resurrected the defunct, pre-1931 Lanchester Register in 1983. He has been a member of both the Veteran Car Club and the Vintage Sports Car Club for decades; regarding the latter, he was instrumental in allowing all Lanchester (and Daimler) cars from 1931 to 1940 to be classified as post-vintage thoroughbreds.

Chris started volunteering for Coventry University in 1983, organising their Lanchester Collection of documents and photographs. He provided his 1924 40hp landaulette for the visit of Princess Anne. He instigated the establishment of the University’s Lanchester Interactive Archive in 2011 and remained as Lanchester Consultant. He has donated numerous items to the Lanchester Archive. He built the 1933 static Lanchester display-car for the public to sit in and try out.

Chris was honoured to write the official biographies of the Lanchester brothers for Oxford University. In 2010 he founded the charitable Lanchester Trust with two Lanchester friends, and was Chairman for its first ten years.

Chris and David Jason

The Lanchester family presented Chris with an engraved, cut-glass Lanchester plate in 1995, ‘in appreciation for preserving the Lanchester name’. Previously awarded an Honorary Master of Arts for services to automotive history, Chris was proud to also receive an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Arts in 2019, ‘in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the heritage and legacy of Lanchester’.

In 1995 and 2016, he published his highly successful Lanchester Legacy Volumes One and Two, both of which continue to be sold from his home address. Written in 2020, his Volume Four – a Pictorial Journey, is also available for sale and distribution worldwide.

Chris’s passion for Lanchester is unchanged and his determination to record the greatness of the Lanchester brothers and Lanchester cars remains undiminished.

The smile on Chris’s face as he discusses engineering with Sir David Jason (above) is always to be found when any conversation touches on the work of the incredible Lanchester brothers.