WANTED: Lanchester Photographs

As Volume II of The Lanchester Legacy Trilogy nears completion, hundreds of photographs are being selected to illustrate the manuscript. If you have any high-quality photographs of Lanchesters that you own (or have owned) then they too could feature in the finished book.

DGA 287-1

If you would like to contribute your Lanchester photographs, please send them to me along with a description of the featured car(s) and any other relevant background. Please be sure also to relinquish your copyrights by including in your email a statement such as “I give you full copyright over these photographs, along with my permission to use them for whatever purposes you wish”.

Please note that I cannot return original photographs to you, and neither can I guarantee that your photographs will appear in any of my books. But I will consider every photograph that I receive, and I will try to include any that I believe will enhance the enjoyment of the readers of The Lanchester Legacy.