Lanchester Trust Scholarship

Demonstrating that the Lanchester Trust has interests in all aspects of Lanchester creativity and invention, the Trustees are pleased to announce the formation of the Lanchester Trust Aeronautical Scholarship whereby Frederick Lanchester’s aeronautical theories are to be studied in depth at Coventry University.

Subject: Flight dynamics and stability analysis and validation of Frederick Lanchester’s 1897 Aeromachine design.

The Lanchester Trust, along with Coventry University’s Engineering and Computing Transport Faculty Research Centre, therefore invite applications for a full-time PhD scholarship to study in depth Dr Frederick Lanchester’s aeronautical engineering works from the 1890s.

The PhD is to be focused on virtual and conceptual design analysis, assessing whether his concepts work and analysing the inherent flight stability of his models. If the design concepts are proven to be sound it is possible that the Scholarship could inform the manufacture of future light aircraft. The project will involve Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the construction and testing of Flight Simulation virtual models, and wind tunnel experimentation for validation purposes.

Extensive research into Lanchester’s original patents and documentation, together with corroboration of his original calculations in the light of current aeronautical knowledge, should support the creation of a working model of his patented invention.

The PhD award details are Tuition Fees + Bursary for the Fixed Term of three years. The successful students will be able to commence during academic year 2015/2016; a start date will be specified to the successful candidate.

Informal enquiries to discuss this opportunity are essential before application. Contact: MIKE BROMFIELD, Flight Safety Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the Aerospace Building, Engineering & Computing, Room EC3-39. Email:

The Trustees wish to thank those who have specifically donated to support this ambitious Lanchester Trust Scholarship, namely: Mr Roger Medwell and the Thriplow Charitable Trust. Progress in this project will be announced periodically.

Do you know anyone suitable qualified who might be interested in applying for this important study? Please spread the word.