The King’s Limousine

This 1939 King George VI Lanchester Straight-8 Limousine was purchased in a derelict state by Chris Clark after its years of neglect in the USA. Its restoration work ended with Chris able to start and drive the King’s car around his own property.

1939 King George VI


“The King’s Speech” was declared a great film, winning all the awards going, it seemed. However, it was ruined for me by the inaccuracies of the cars supposedly used by King George VI.

He always used Lanchester cars for his non-State duties but, instead, the film producer gave him Rolls Royces!

Oh, the indignation of it all, as his 1936 18hp Lanchester, his 1939 Straight-8 limousine and also his 1939 Straight-8 landaulette are still in existence and raring to go!

With these Lanchesters in the film, it would have won even more awards ………… is there a BAFTA for the best cars?

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