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These books have been a long labour of love, I hope you love them too!
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Volume I

Developed from the author’s unique archive of documents and photographs, many of them previously unpublished, Volume 1 of The Lanchester Legacy trilogy describes not only the Lanchester social and family history but also Lanchester’s important inventions, including the disc brake, turbo-charging, power steering and so much more.

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Volume II

After decades of in-depth research, the story will reveal all aspects of Lanchester activity from 1931-1956 and onwards to the present day and into the future. As the story unfolds, the previously unpublished research will surprise and delight even the most familiar reader.

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Volume III

Providing a fascinating insight into the Lanchester intellect, Volume III focuses on the diversity of inventions and patents of this talented family. Understand Frederick Lanchester’s work on flying machines, military strategy, sound, music, poetry and – of course – hybrid and motor vehicles.

About the author

I am one of the world's biggest admirers of the Lanchester brothers' work
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My name is Chris Clark.

I have owned Lanchester cars since my first at the age of 14 and have delighted in restoring, driving and showing them to others.

Whether you are lucky enough to own a Lanchester yourself, or have heard of the Lanchester Brothers' pioneering work and want more information, the Lanchester Legacy provides a fascinating insight into the hundreds of varied designs and inventions.

The second volume of my work, which embodies 20 years of personal research, was recently published. I've been gratified and thrilled that enthusiasts from all over the world have purchased copies.

For me, the joy has not just come from writing another book; it's primarily about sharing Lanchester knowledge with others, globally. I still find the whole Lanchester experience stimulating - and I can't wait to bring the fourth and final volume of The Lanchester Legacy Series to the public domain sometime in 2018!

Chris Clark, Hon MA
Lanchester Historian
Registrar of the Lanchester Register and Daimler & Lanchester Owners' Club since 1983.


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