Coventry Uni Lecture – Fred’s Aeronautics

On 15th April 2017, Chris delivered an eagerly-anticipated lecture at Coventry University, entitled Dr Frederick William Lanchester – A Celebration of Genius. The theme of the talk was Fred’s unsung contribution to British Aeronautics, which was as outstanding in its own right as his contribution to the motor industry. The event was attended by a[…]

A Word About Banks

I hope you’ll forgive me for making a special plea, now that we’re taking orders for the Lanchester Legacy Volume II. While we all love banks and the wonderful services they offer us, it’s possible to love some banks more than others. My particular favourites are those that don’t charge fees for the privilege of[…]

WANTED: Lanchester Photographs

As Volume II of The Lanchester Legacy Trilogy nears completion, hundreds of photographs are being selected to illustrate the manuscript. If you have any high-quality photographs of Lanchesters that you own (or have owned) then they too could feature in the finished book. If you would like to contribute your Lanchester photographs, please send them[…]

Lanchester Trust Scholarship

Demonstrating that the Lanchester Trust has interests in all aspects of Lanchester creativity and invention, the Trustees are pleased to announce the formation of the Lanchester Trust Aeronautical Scholarship whereby Frederick Lanchester’s aeronautical theories are to be studied in depth at Coventry University. Subject: Flight dynamics and stability analysis and validation of Frederick Lanchester’s 1897[…]